How to GTD

I struggle with many things in my daily life. If at all possible, I like to systemize them to make them easier, and especially to reduce the load of decision... »

Photos from Dublin

I spent the past week in Dublin, Ireland, as part of my attempt to travel more. The last time I left Germany was in 2011 on a work trip to... »

Deploying Rails with Ansible

Ruby on Rails applications are usually deployed with Capistrano. Recently, Capistrano 3.0 was released, moving from a Rails-specific deployment tool to a more generic one. At the same time,... »

iPhone-Kalendererinnerung optimieren

Ich mag ausgelagerte Gehirne. Idealerweise befindet sich alles im Kalender, in OmniFocus und in Evernote und ich muss an nichts mehr denken, außer was ich jetzt gerade brauche. Deswegen benutze... »