How to GTD

I struggle with many things in my daily life. If at all possible, I like to systemize them to make them easier, and especially to reduce »

Using SSH to monitor hosts with Icinga

I use Icinga to monitor my Debian servers. It checks that all services are up and all security updates are applied. To run checks on a »

Photos from Dublin

I spent the past week in Dublin, Ireland, as part of my attempt to travel more. The last time I left Germany was in 2011 on »

Deploying Rails with Ansible

Ruby on Rails applications are usually deployed with Capistrano. Recently, Capistrano 3.0 was released, moving from a Rails-specific deployment tool to a more generic one. »

iPhone-Kalendererinnerung optimieren

Ich mag ausgelagerte Gehirne. Idealerweise befindet sich alles im Kalender, in OmniFocus und in Evernote und ich muss an nichts mehr denken, außer was ich jetzt »

The year of FreeBSD on the server

For me, 2014 will be the year of FreeBSD on the server, with the release of FreeBSD 10. (Picture by @StackSmashing) Why FreeBSD Nowadays, the default »